Houzz ‑ marketplace for home

Houzz ‑ marketplace for home

by Houzz

Sell your products on Houzz and easily process orders

1.7 of 5 stars(32 reviews)

Sell to homeowners on Houzz

Get your products in front of millions of monthly users, most of which are homeowners.

Sign up and add your products

Become a Houzz Seller to import your products. If you change a product's pricing or availability on Shopify, it will auto-update on Houzz.

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Process orders and see your Houzz sales without ever having to leave Shopify.

About Houzz ‑ marketplace for home

The Houzz app will enable you to quickly and efficiently list your products for sale on the Houzz Marketplace to build your business and gain more sales.

About Houzz

Houzz has millions of monthly unique users and over a million home design professionals. We have an enormous user base that is actively renovating and decorating – most Houzz users are planning to purchase renovation or decor products in the next 6 months! * Millions of monthly users, most of which are homeowners * A sizable portion of our users own a home valued at more than half a million dollars

Import your Shopify products on Houzz

Get your products in front of millions of homeowners to maximize your revenues. Houzz focuses on products for the entire home, from backsplashes to bedding, and users on Houzz are extremely passionate about design and remodeling.

Process orders on Shopify right in your Orders dashboard

Orders from Houzz users will automatically appear on Shopify in your Orders dashboard so you can easily process them like any other order. You can monitor Houzz sales directly in your Shopify Analytics dashboard.

Sync product pricing and inventory automatically between Shopify and Houzz.

When you make a change to your product's pricing or availability on Shopify, that change will be automatically updated in your product listing on Houzz. Please note: Additional changes to product information will not automatically sync.

Note: You’ll receive email alerts regarding returns and will need to go to Houzz Seller Central to manage your returns and refunds.

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Sellers on Houzz pay a 15% commission on sales.

Overall rating
1.7 of 5 stars
Based on 32 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Dyag East

I e-mail them to let them know that my products are ready for their review and have not heard back from them. I called and e-mailed and never heard a word.

Lost Kat Photography

Impossible to keep synced and you have to do all the work to get listings right, it's not worth it, Terrible dashboard and communication. I owed money on a return, didn't hear about it until it was 90 days overdue. No balance due shown on their site, they could have just debited my account like everyone else but the only way to pay it is mail or bank transfer. None of their emails have good headers so I thought it was a scam until I researched my own bank account records. Real professional guys. I told them their dashboard is unclear and they need to let people pay fees via credit card (like everyone on the planet). They were rude and removed my products altogether, seemingly out of bitterness for negative feedback, actually something I had been trying to do for months but it was too tedious. Thanks for saving me the trouble of leaving your awful service.


Zero customer service. Product approval takes weeks. No seller support. Errors uploading product images. Wrong product categories.