Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer

Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer

by Heysenior

Boost sales with a Sticky Add-To-Cart Button and Cart Drawer

2.2 of 5 stars(5 reviews)

Quickly increase your sales

Drawer beautiful design for all devices, which makes it easy for customers to buy and pay quickly, Cart Drawer, Floating Cart, Dropdown Cart

Impossible to miss Cart Drawer

Have your cart always visible for easier checkout! With Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer it will be impossible for your customers to miss checkout

Replace your Cart

Designed to work with most Shopify themes immediately, some themes may require code to be added which our team can swiftly help you with!

About Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer

Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer allows your shoppers to quickly view shopping cart items without having to go to the shopping cart page, The app will not only reduce the shopping time but also bring the convenient experience to shoppers, which will increase your sales.

Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer offers three shopping cart types:

  1. Cart Drawer.
  2. Floating Cart.
  3. Dropdown Cart.

Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer will show up when your shopper clicks on the shopping cart icon or when adding any article with the "Add to cart" button.

New!, Multiple variants options on the collection page

Allows you to display variant options and an icon to add to the Cart Drawer, this combination undoubtedly increases your sales, it is fast, easy and simple.

Highlighted Features

  1. Let users quickly see their shopping cart without having to go to the shopping cart page.
  2. Shoppers can easily add, remove or edit their carts content directly from the cart drawer.
  3. Auto refresh cart.
  4. Automatically open the shopping cart when the user adds the item to the shopping cart.
  5. Designed to be simple and without distractions so that buyers only focus on the cart drawer.
  6. Easy to manage settings, colors and text inside cart drawer - You can customize the look and feel of cart drawer based on how it looks best for your store to give your customers the same look and feel.
  7. Highly customizable, if you need something customized, you can contact our team to do it for you, or you can do it yourself with HTML

5 Day Free Trial

You have a full 5 days to try out Sticky Cart & Cart Drawer to see the benefits. If at any point you feel it's not a good fit for your store, you can uninstall before the 5 day trial is over and you won't be charged a single cent.

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  • All the features included.

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
2.2 of 5 stars
Based on 5 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Dam Brand

I downloaded the app and had an issue with it not appearing on my website. I loved the look of it on their site and really wanted it to work so I sent them an email. Over the last week they helped me make changes like the location of the cart, changing the X to a minimise button and have made every change that I wanted.

I struggled to find an app that did what I wanted and with help from Bridgitte, it looks exactly like I wanted.

Developer reply

July 16, 2019

We would like to thank you for this amazing review! Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and it sounds like that we achieved that goal with you. It is so nice to hear that our team helped to make your experience such a positive one! We are thrilled to receive such great feedback!

Thank you!

Sky Wellness

I also read the reviews below and saw the response from the team saying its fixed.... its not, i cant even install it. why is it so hard to find a popup cart in shopify apps!! To the team when you read this. it spent 10 minutes stuck loading at 25% so i gave up, people have short fuses when it comes to installing apps so any slight trouble and they will delete it. Let me know when your app DOES work

Developer reply

May 20, 2019

Hi Sky Wellness,

We appreciate your comment, we take care to review the application again, we already solved all the problems that the application was presenting.

Please reinstall the application to verify that everything is working correctly.

Retail Spartan

Read the two reviews before me, but despite how bad they were I decided to give the app a chance just because of how great it looked on the example site. Unfortunately, I literally cannot get the app to install. Hopefully they fix this problem one day, so I can change this review from 1 star to 5.

Developer reply

May 13, 2019

Hi Retail Spartan,

Our team has just updated the application, now the application is stable, the application is working correctly, please reinstall the application, we appreciate your comments.