Bulk Edit Tags by Power Tools

Bulk Edit Tags by Power Tools

by Power Tools

Quickly add, remove or replace your product tags in bulk

4.8 of 5 stars(86 reviews)

Get More Done With Bulk Edits

Save yourself hours in the office by editing tags in bulk.

Description & Collection Tags

Modify your tags across entire collections with just a click. Plus, add or remove tags based on product descriptions.

Advanced Combinations

Bulk delete tags, or update tags based on combinations of other tags.

About Bulk Edit Tags by Power Tools

Shave Hours Off Your Workload

As a business owner, your top priority should be expanding your eCommerce empire. Which means, anytime you find yourself spending hours fiddling with the back-end of your Shopify store... you're wasting valuable time.

After all, you didn’t get into this business because you love editing hundreds of tags. You got into this business because you wanted to build a store that'd help your customers. Plus, make you money, give you more freedom and change your life.

So why not make these tasks more efficient? That way, you could focus your time on boosting your business instead.

Say ‘Goodbye’ To Editing Tags By Hand...

  • Combine Collections. Want to create more complex collections, or even combine existing ones? All you need to do is create a new collection with the rule - tag equals 'my-new-tag'. Then, add that tag to all the products in a couple of clicks.
  • Add, Remove & Replace Based On Tags. This new feature allows you to replace any existing tag or tags. For example, if you have a product tagged 'Red' and 'Blue', you can add 'Multi-color' as a tag. Or, even replace 'Red' and 'Blue' with 'Red-Blue'.
  • Add & Remove By Product Description. Ever needed to add some tags based on the product description? Now you can. For example, if your products have a description like 'Organic: Yes'. Now you can tag all your products with 'Organic' in one step!

And It Comes With Awesome Bonuses Too!

  • Try It FREE...forever.
  • Seamless 1-Click ‘Developer-Free’ Installation. Don’t waste time or money installing the app or hiring a developer.
  • Friendly, Responsive Customer Support. Get all your questions answered, right now.
  • No Ads or Branding. Keep your store professional and congruent with your brand.

Did we mention it is FREE

It takes just a few minutes to setup and requires no development experience. That's right, no coding required.

Once installed, it's super easy to manage and update the app anytime. If you ever run into trouble, you'll have access to our support to help you get the most out of this app.

If you loved the app, why not check out the rest of the Power Tools Suite? The Bulk Tag Edit app works great with our other products too.

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Overall rating
4.8 of 5 stars
Based on 86 reviews

  • 5 of 5 stars
    93% of ratings are 5 stars
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Most recent reviews


Quite useful, but we choosed to try it to massivaly/bulk modify collections values related to tags, especially to maintain orderered product and collections after synced with different dropship catalogues.

So we are not satisfied about functions because it's not a bulk apply, but a bulk partial edit.

Hello, we are searching for a tool to bulk edit the collection,
not only tag assignment,
the use case it's to ADD massively 2 conditions and Tags to products in a Synced product catalog.
The practical example is:

Synced Category = Special Gifts;
Synced Condition = TAG IS internal-category-2558.

What we have to do? ->
SELECT VALUE OF CONDITION BY PREFIX like "internal-category"(* = Number) (Regex??);

ADD TAG "CATEGORY_NAME" (Special Gifts) TO ALL PRODUCTS WITH TAG "internal-category-2558";


Next to do?
Remove duplicate collections: by name, or same content
Query about which maintain, which remove.

We hope you can take this seriously.

Developer reply

July 17, 2019

Hi, Sorry to hear about your issues. There are 2 main things Bulk Edit Tags is great at:
1) Bulk editing tags
2) Being free!

What it's not so good at is being a fully custom app, while being free :)

We're not sure exactly what your requirements are, but we don't think this is worthy of a 2 star review! Perhaps you should speak to some developers about the costs associated with building a custom solution to your problem. We hope you find the app you are looking for!

Mint Sports Cards

the feature i really need is featured here but it requires a really expensive add on app made from them aswell :(
i'm sure glad your free.. you can be useful sometimes, but most of my tag editing that needs to search the description is done with a different app
please don't hide great apps and features behind expensive paywalls.
i can barely even afford my store right now and you expect me to pay 30$CAD extra on top of my 75$CAD store cost just for one little important admin feature? darn, i'm sorry :( it's okay though. things eventually work out

Developer reply

April 23, 2019

Thanks for the 5 star review! Yes, the app is free to use as much as you like.


It deleted all my tags and didn't update the new ones.
I had to manually add all the tags again. This app shouldn't be in the Shopify store.

Developer reply

April 23, 2019

Hi, we're really sorry to hear about your issues - we designed this app to help people, not cause issues!

As far as we can see, the app has done exactly as it described, it converted your 'handle' tags to title case. The issue appears to be that you already had tags in the title format, so it effectively just removed the 'handle' tags, to prevent duplicates.

You can use the Bulk Edit Tags to undo these changes by using the 'Replace Tags' or 'Add Tags' features. We're always here to help implement either of these solutions!

The Bulk Edit Tags is a powerful tool, and we do recommend following the instructions and taking care before pressing big red buttons :)

We're always here to help, and help you get the most out of your store!