Seguno: Email Marketing

Seguno: Email Marketing

by Seguno

Email marketing in less time — right inside your shop's Admin

4.7 of 5 stars(220 reviews)

Feel at home inside Shopify

Finally, all your email marketing is right inside of Shopify. Natively integrated with the Shopify admin, mobile app, and Marketing section.

Save time with automations

Sophisticated technology made easy: baked-in best practices and one-click automations means more time for the business. Works with Kit too!

Leverage unique codes

Unique discount codes better personalize your marketing and better protect your profits. Any email can include a unique code.

About Seguno: Email Marketing

Create, manage, and track your email marketing — without leaving Shopify.

FYI: Our built-in Mailchimp connection automatically migrates your contacts and their tags. Click the FAQ link on this listing for more info and a migration guide.

NEWER: Works with Kit! Let Kit remember to send your blog post announcement emails.

NEW: Works with Shopify Marketing! Create an email newsletter as part of a multi-channel campaign in the Marketing section of the admin.

Running a small shop or even being a solopreneur means time is your most valuable asset. While email marketing apps that serve enterprise merchants will actually slow you down, Seguno was built to save you time.

Built for Shopify

We know Shopify is the center of your universe and want to keep it that way:

  • Whether you live in the Shopify admin or inside the Shopify mobile app, Seguno lives there too. No other app is as seamlessly integrated, you will absolutely love the experience.
  • Your data stays in Shopify so it's always fresh when needed and you can use collections, customer groups, and discounts like you never dreamed possible.
  • Shopify's detailed conversion reports tell you how many sales were generated from our emails so we don't have to; trust the source.

Built for you

Seguno is for small teams with big ambitions. We are solely focused on Shopify and merchants like you so every feature:

  1. Makes the hard stuff easy and saves you time.
  2. Maximizes customer lifetime value to help you grow.
  3. Integrates more deeply and takes advantage of Shopify advancements more quickly to deliver a magical experience.


A pre-built library of automated touchpoints you enable with a click:

  • Coming soon - Build excitement about your upcoming store for pre-launch subscribers.
  • Welcome - Welcome new subscribers and introduce them to your brand.
  • Discount reminder - Remind subscribers of expiring discounts.
  • Abandoned checkout - Recover subscribers who abandoned a purchase.
  • New purchaser - Thank subscribers after their first purchase.
  • Repeat purchaser - Thank subscribers again after their second purchase.
  • Lapsed purchaser - Win back subscribers who have not purchased in recent months.

Feature highlights

  • Discounts - Aside from leveraging unique codes, product prices, discount details, and links (all of which auto-apply the discount) are set automatically.
  • Dynamic recommendations - Use a collection to recommend products and we'll ensure no products you've selected to feature are duplicated. The same goes for items in an abandoned checkout or recent order as part of an automation.
  • Reporting - Integrated with all Shopify marketing reports, you can see conversion details right on orders and in a detailed report for each newsletter and automation.

Integrates with

  • Mailchimp (import contacts and keep status in sync for a smooth transition),
  • Dynamic Banner Suite (grow your subscriber list with our email capture banner),
  • kit



  • 0 - 250 subscribers

  • All features

  • Unlimited sending

  • Newsletters

  • Pre-built automations

  • Unique discount codes

  • Embedded within Shopify


+ $10/mo/extra 1,000 subscribers

  • 251 - 1,000 subscribers

  • 10-day free trial

  • Seguno branding optional

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

Overall rating
4.7 of 5 stars
Based on 220 reviews

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Most recent reviews

Lisa Bauer Designs

I love that the app is easy to use and seems to be well laid out. I do wish there was a way to add a text box "section" to a newsletter (unless it's there and I missed it?). Thanks!


Good app and I’m happy they listen, but there is space for improvement:
- unique discount code expiry should be customizable from few hours to few weeks, for now it’s fixed 7 days, which is too long for abandoned checkout email (few hours would be better here);
- abandoned cart email series would be more beneficial than one remainder email - this would allow to send reminder without promo code first, and second one with promo code if first one didn’t work.
Hope you’ll incorporate the above asap and thank you.

True African Art

Seguno said in a recent newsletter that intend to charge people to pay for using a feature that would be building on what MailChimp may still be offering for free: This is the feature where you re-send the campaign or newsletter to the people who did not open it the first time. I loved this feature on MailChimp, where it was free at the time (early 2019) and I think still is. Seguno should try to at least match a main company's pricing schedule if they want to grow such a company reputation as MailChimp. Make it clean across the board so that the preference of the user is allowed, to choose which service they want to subscribe to. That way, you are already giving your customer a free choice, with everything priced at or below MailChimp feature prices. That's how you grow and that's how you give customer service. If you would allow this feature to be with the free plan, I'd be impressed.

Otherwise, great app, great at what they are the integration with Shopify menus etc. I totally trust this company because I've used their banner app for a number of years and their quick and precise customer service is top notch, and that app is great too. The mail marketing genre is already vast, so I would dare Seguno to add Messenger features like Octane, as that is the future of online email messaging.